Hi friend! I'm so happy you're here!!

I'm McKenzie. I'm passionate about people, experiencing new things, getting out on the dance floor, and Labradoodles (how could anyone not love a breed that literally knows the meaning of "cuddle"?).

A few years ago I definitely would've laughed if you had told me I'd be shooting weddings most weekends and running my own full-time photography business. No really, because just a few years ago I was on the conventional college track, living in University campus dorms, and only dreamed I'd be doing what I am now. I couldn't be more thankful that what was once a dream, is now my reality.



I believe in flowers for no reason. I believe no text is complete without an emoji. I BELIEVE IN FINDING AN EXCUSE TO VISIT THE OCEAN AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE. I believe in kindness. I believe every outfit is best complimented with a baseball cap. I believe in failing, because at least that means you tried. I believe in having a piece of dark chocolate everyday. I believe car dance parties are a necessity. I believe a little retail therapy never hurt nobody. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe no room is complete without a candle. I believe everyone needs a dog in their life. I believe love is a choice. I believe I wouldn't survive without music. I believe ice cream is the cure to any bad day (or any day for that matter). I believe laughter is the best medicine.

My passion lies in utilizing natural light to capture real moments and authentic joy, while embodying fine art and timelessness. I use a combination of medium format film and digital photography to produce that "light and airy" feel. I'm passionate about incorporating film into my workflow, and if you ask me about it, I most likely won't be able to stop talking about how much I love it!

I love being a part of telling people's love stories, and being more than just that person who takes the pretty pictures of your day. Nothing makes me happier than getting to know my couples and creating real life genuine friendships!

If you think we'd be a good fit, or had any "me too!" moments while reading my "I Believe" section- Let's talk! I can't wait to get to know more about you and your story.




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