Hi friend! I'm so happy you're here! My name is McKenzie and I'm a lover of all things coffee, R&B and dark chocolate.

A few years ago I definitely would've laughed if you had told me I'd be shooting weddings most weekends and running my own full-time photography business. No really, because just a few years ago I was on the conventional college track, living in University campus dorms and could've only dreamed I'd be doing what I am now.



I believe in flowers for no reason. I believe no text is complete without an emoji. I believe in kindness. I believe every outfit is best complimented with a baseball cap. I believe in always making time for #BachelorMondays. I believe in failing, because at least that means you tried. I believe in having a piece of dark chocolate everyday. I believe car dance parties are a necessity. I believe a little retail therapy never hurt nobody. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe no room is complete without a candle. I believe overalls should be a staple in every closet. I believe love is a choice. I believe I wouldn't survive without music. I believe ice cream is the cure to any bad day (or any day in general). I believe laughter is the best medicine.

Dreams of having my own photography business began for me at a young age. My love for photography began when I joined the Yearbook staff my freshman year, and my eyes were opened to the business side when I interned, and later worked for a professional photographer my Junior and Senior years of High School. I held onto these dreams into and throughout my time in college, and since forgoing school to fully pursue photography, my world has expanded and grown so much more than I could've imagined.

I'm passionate about utilizing natural light to capture pure joy, and freeze moments that embody a timeless and fine art feel. I now dream in florals and soft pastels, and am seriously in love with every aspect of a wedding day. I care so much about people, and I want to be there celebrating your big life moments with you!

I'm so thankful I get to call what was once a dream, my reality. There's truly nothing I'd rather do, than love and serve my clients through what I love doing most!

If you think we'd make a good match head on over to my inquire page! I can't wait to chat more soon. xx


Photos by Becky Schwartz.

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Aside from my own business, I've worked for Denver Vibe and Fort Collin's local boutiques HEYDAY + KNAPSACK. My work has been featured on several fashion blogs, and has been published in 303 Magazine and Colorado Weddings Magazine.