February 2 | A Perfect Day to Start Over

Where the heck did January go?

The new year always sneaks up on me, and before I know it a whole month has already flown by. For my family and I, January is filled with just as much hustle and bustle as the holiday season, and getting right to my new year resolutions is the last thing on my mind. In January alone, we celebrate me and my Dad's Birthday, as well as my parent's wedding anniversary. Did I mention they're all within 6 days of each other too? Crazy.

Slowly but surely the holiday high has begun to cease and I've started getting more serious about implementing the goals I set for myself in 2017. Amongst figuring out the lovely life of adulting, including monthly expense sheets, taxes and staying on top of scheduling, I decided I also want to start eating better and get back on track with working out...starting February 1st. (This decision may or may not have been highly influenced by the new show Revenge Body, anyone else with me?)

You may not have noticed, because who really ever know what day it is? But today is the 2nd. Yesterday morning I rolled out of bed, walked into the kitchen with every intent of making myself a healthy coconut milk acai bowl, and was met with a box of Honey Bunches of Oats staring me right in the face. Weak moment number one, and my day hadn't even officially started. Ok, maybe not the worst choice I could've made, but I also cheated with a little...a lot more than a square of dark chocolate last night. On top of that, I didn't even end up making it to the gym.

Today is a new day, which means it’s as good as any other to hit the reset button.

So yesterday may have been a fail, a major fail. But why do we tell ourselves we only have permission to start over when the number on a calendar says one? We put so much pressure on ourselves to make major changes all at once every January first. Pressure to wipe the dust off our gym memberships, no longer cave when we get those late night ice cream cravings or become better at time management. Whatever it is, maybe you're entering February already burnt out or frustrated with the resolutions you promised yourself you'd stick to just a day over a month ago. Maybe you're already starting to fall back into the same rhythms you swore to yourself you'd change.

Well good news friends: Today is a new day, which means it's as good as any to hit the reset button. This is true for every goal we set for ourselves. Life is imperfect and messy, and until we are proud of the small steps we take to achieve the healthy goals we set for ourselves, we're never going to be truly happy during the process.

Today may not be Monday, and it may not be the first of a new month or year. But today is Thursday, February 2nd, and it's a perfect day to start over. :)

What goals have you made for yourself that you're not going to give up on? I would love to know what you're working towards today, this month and this year!