This is Chosen- an idea that was dreamed up by 3 of my friends & I about a month ago. We wanted to do a shoot with a purpose. A shoot that would be more about what went on behind the scenes than the outcome. A shoot that would celebrate, empower & make women feel beautiful. So that's what we did.

She is clothed in strength & dignity & she laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25

This weekend, a group of my friends & I got together & spent the morning living in the truth that we are chosen. Chosen by each other, & more importantly chosen by Jesus. We celebrated that we aren’t defined by what society tells women they have to be, & rather celebrated each other for who & what we are right now. Not who we would be if we lost 10 pounds, not who we would be if we get that great internship this summer, & not who we would be if that guy decided to like us back, because we are beautiful & known as we are now, aside from all the lies that we are faced with & live by everyday.

So there we found ourselves: competition aside, guards down, & jumping on a bed with balloons & dried flower petals, a white T-shirt on & a mimosa in hand. (Nope, it doesn’t get better.) Between the awesome ongoing photoshoot, donuts, dancing to Justin Bieber, & writing encouraging notes for each other, the joy in the room was contagious & it was truly a lovely morning. I was so thankful for the friends who showed up, not really knowing what to expect, but were open & excited to have fun & spend time together. (& yes, it was as much fun as it looks.)

I was truly blessed by this experience, & I hope that if you’re reading this, you can celebrate & feel empowered with us! xx


"I love your intelligence, & more than that, I love your willingness to share it. Your mind is beautiful."


"I love your kind heart. It's not something you have to try at, it's who you are."


"You radiate beauty & are ART. You embody it."


"Your hair & how you live life seem to compliment each other in your fearlessness."


"I love your sweet nature. You immediately make the heart feel full."


"I love your genuine interest in understanding & knowing people well. You are intentional with every conversation & it makes feeling valued easy."


"You always bring light & happiness in the room. You make joy contagious!"


"You are so quick to listen & have such a compassionate heart. You make people feel known & loved."


"You are radiant with joy. It reminds me to slow down & enjoy everything a little bit more."

Embrace today celebrating others for who they are, & choose to live in truth rather than lies. You're beautiful. :)


Shoutout to Zara for letting us use her room | Floral Push-Pop: Urban Outfitters  Thimble Press