This is Avery. She's been a good friend of mine since our freshman year in college, & she's quite the fashion stud. She's the founder of Stylish Rubbish & on top of that balances being a full-time student, styles in Denver, maintains a job & also somehow makes time for a social life.

Our freshman year, when we were still students at Colorado State University, Avery asked me to shoot for her fashion blog. At that time she was just starting to take it more seriously & I was taking pictures as a side hobby with my trusty Canon Rebel T4i. This was also back when my knowledge of ISO, shutter speed, & aperture was limited to knowing about as much French as I learned in High School-- Je m'appelle McKenzie (you get the point). We both had so much fun & I was so excited that Avery asked me to take the pictures for her blog!! However, let's just say, it's good some things are kept, & remain, in the archives.

Fast forward almost three years later, & Avery asked to collaborate again-- & of course I said yes!! I was stoked because we've both grown so much in what we're both pursuing & love.

This girl has always unapologetically been herself. She knows what she wants in the world, she gets it & she's always done that with such determination, kindness & grace. I admire her a whole lot & I'm excited to share these shots from our shoot on Sunday! xxx

Check out Stylish Rubbish to see these images featured in her most recent post & find out details about the outfit here.

| Vintage Levis: Meek Vintage | Cropped Sweater: Forever 21 | Fringe Jacket: Forever 21 | Booties: Pac Sun |